1st East Preston Scout Group

The Scout Troop Investiture

The Investiture, or joining ceremony, is one of the most important events in a Scout's life and should be treated with respect.  Parents and Family members are always welcome at the Investitures which happen at the start of the evening.

Before The Investiture

Sometime before the ceremony, the Leader will chat with the Scout and discuss the meaning of the Promise and Law and help the Scout to understand what is meant by 'honour'. The ceremony itself will also be explained so that it does not come as a complete surprise!

The Scout Uniform is explained on the website under Scouts - Scouts Uniform (Click Here)

The Promise and Law are also available on the website under Scouts - Scouts Promise (Click Here)


The Investiture

The Scouts stand in their patrols with the Scout Leader at the front. The Scout Leader then calls the Troop to the alert.

In scout uniform the new Scout is escorted to the front by Akela if they are moving on from Cubs or their Patrol Leader if they are new to Scouting.

If they are due any final awards from Cubs they are then presented before they are invested as a Scout.

The Scout Leader then asks the new Scout if he or she understands what is meant by the Promise and Law and if they would like to be invested as a Scout.

Hopefully the answer to this is 'yes'

The flag is lowered so that it is waist high between the Scout Leader and the new Scout who both place their left hands on the flag and make the Scout Sign with their right hands.

At this time, the Troop and any other person in the room, who has made their Promise, is asked to make the Scout Sign and the new Scout then repeats the Promise after the Scout Leader.

After the Promise has been said, everyone drops their hands from the Scout Sign and the flag bearer lifts the flag.

The Scout Leader then presents the badges, record book and woggle to the newly invested Scout and shakes hands (Left Hand). If the Scout is completely new to the Movement, the Scout Leader will also present the Group scarf and welcome the new Member to the worldwide family of Scouting.

The Scout Leader salutes the new Scout who returns the salute. The new Scout then turns to face the Troop, salutes and the Troop returns the salute.

The new Scout then goes back to their patrol.